Why Is Managing An Event Awful Job?

By / September 12, 2015

Is The Recognition Worth It? When we think about event managers, we normally picture someone who always has a phone with them, is always giving directions to others and who is given thanks at the end of the program. This person normally seems as if they are a person of authority. And it’s through their… Read more


Top 5 Celebrity Event Fails

By / September 12, 2015

Fans love their celebrities It is every ones joy to get the best experience out of an event. As the d-day of the event draws nearer, preparations and expectations heighten. The fans or spectators are excited and can’t wait to meet their celebrity. On the other hand, the event managers are busy planning the event,… Read more


Celebrities and Events: The role played by managers

By / September 12, 2015

Roles of event managers Event managers play essential roles in ensuring that events succeed. To many people, this might seem to be fun and easy. However, managing an event require a lot of skills and vision that help to organize either big or small events without a hitch. Event management entails proper organization, planning, coordination… Read more

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